RFID, NFC, VOID, if you are familiar with these terms, you are at the right place: smart labelling is driving the retail labels and fashion industry. We offer standard solutions, but we are also happy to go tailor-made. We also offer a wide range of sustainable alternatives for our top.

Why Choose us?

Fashion Industry Expertise:Embrace the booming prospects of the fashion industry. With diverse consumer preferences, our tailored solutions navigate the intensifying global competition.

Strategic Brand Protection:In an era of economic globalization, our RFID technology-based trusted coding system shields brands from counterfeiting and smuggling complexities, ensuring seamless brand protection.

Tailored Technology Integration:A tailored approach for the fashion sector, our RFID-enabled trust codes offer unparalleled functionalities, enhancing traditional enterprise information management systems and enabling effective single-product management.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions:Beyond brand protection, our Shanshuiyun Digital Marketing Platform elevates your business through QR code engagement, membership rewards, and channel promotions, facilitating precise and effective marketing strategies.