Cosmetics, personal care, and beauty: brand owners know that packaging makes the difference. We are ready to join forces to deliver you top-notch quality labels and embellishment combined with premium folded cartons to make your product shine even more.

Why Choose us?

Unique Identity Codes: Our system assigns each product a distinctive "Product Identity Code," ensuring uniqueness, security, and reliability with randomized, unique features.

Variable QR Code Access: Empowering consumers to verify authenticity, access product details, and engage in promotional activities through dynamic QR codes, fostering brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Integrated Logistics Control: Linking individual product "Identity Codes" to logistics codes provides end-to-end visibility. Enterprises can scan codes for real-time tracking, automated anti-smuggling alerts, and streamlined inventory management.

Comprehensive Anti-Counterfeiting: Our robust system combines randomized features and unique codes, preventing counterfeiting and maintaining market integrity. It's a comprehensive solution for anti-counterfeiting and marketing.

Proactive Market Regulation: Automated anti-smuggling alerts and product traceability enable companies to monitor the entire supply chain, preventing gray market activities, and maintaining market order effectively.