Homecare labels, household labels: we are happy to collaborate with you to label your products with eye for safety, extended content and detail, delivering top-notch quality. We also offer a wide range of sustainable alternatives for our top selling products.

Why Choose us?

Tailored to Home & Household Industry:Shanshuiyun's Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability System, designed for furniture and building materials, leverages RFID technology to ensure secure, effective anti-counterfeiting measures throughout the entire lifecycle.

RFID Security from Production to Maintenance:Our system guarantees safety and authenticity in the production, distribution, and maintenance of home and household products. RFID technology provides a secure and efficient anti-counterfeiting and tracking solution.

Unique Identity with Trusted Codes:Furnish each product with a unique identity using trusted electronic tags. Through IoT, manage material, quality reports, brand, and product details, ensuring consumers have direct access to product authenticity and essential information.

Consumer Rights Protection:Empower consumers by enabling direct verification of product authenticity and key details. Protecting legal rights, our system enhances transparency and trust, fostering consumer confidence in the Home & Household industry.

Comprehensive Market Regulation:Provide businesses with insights into product flow and maintenance, aiding in the fight against counterfeit goods. Establish a standardized market circulation environment, safeguarding brand integrity and corporate interests.