Food labels and packaging is a fascinating industry with fast changing consumer trends and regulations. We have the needed certifications to handle any food product and we care deeply for food safety, traceability and hygiene. We also offer a wide range of sustainable labels.

Why Choose us?

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration:Leverage advanced IoT, mobile internet, and unique coding technologies. Our Shanshuiyun Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability System swiftly establishes a robust food traceability framework.

Tailored for Food Safety:Specialized in infant formula, meat products, dairy, edible oils, and liquor. Craft unique traceability records for each product, ensuring production and quality safety in the food industry.

Reliable Product Identification:Utilize individualized one-code-per-product system. Offer consumers a trustworthy basis for food purchases, enhancing brand trust, and encouraging repeat business.

Swift and Secure Implementation:Rapidly construct a food traceability system using the latest technologies. We focus on creating a seamless traceability network for swift implementation in the food industry.

Comprehensive Marketing Showcase:Employ product identity codes as reliable consumer references. Enhance brand visibility, market premium products, and build consumer trust. Our system promotes brand reliance and guides repeat purchases.